App Store: Are app reviews worth reading?

App reviews are highly opinion based and not fact based and normally not a great way to gauge if an app is good or bad. They sure can be helpful (for a developer), but most reviews are composed of biased rants and half-legible reviews which are hard to sift through. Sadly, most people judge an app just by looking at the app’s review scores even though it does not actually reflect the quality of an app.

People want to be heard, and giving a 1-star or 5-star rating adds oomph to your opinion.

Check out this fantastic article by John Saito who has sifted through 1000’s of app reviews to provide his take on app store reviews. Quote from the article:

After crunching the numbers, I found that over 70% of our app reviews were either 5-star or 1-star reviews. Over two-thirds of reviewers either loved or hated our app.

Source: Are app reviews worth reading? – Dropbox Design – Medium

Why App Preview Videos Are Vital in iOS 11!

With iOS 11, Apple is planning to introduce a slew of exciting new changes to the App Store and one big feature that stands out is auto playing app preview videos.  Video previews will become extremely vital for developers going forward given how prominently placed app video previews are in the app store and well they portray the capabilities of your app (compared to plain screenshots). Also, if your app listing doesn’t have preview videos they will stand out like a sore thumb.

Check out this excellent article that covers in depth the benefits of including app preview videos in your app listing and some great tips.

Source: Why App Preview Videos Are Vital in iOS 11 | App Launch Map

Success Story: Lessons I’ve Learned from Three Million Downloads!

Check out this fascinating story of an app developer who saw an opportunity in a simple problem that every college student faces — Timetables! It’s an interesting read, the gist of the story is that in order to create a hit app, you don’t always have to look for the next big thing, sometimes, the devil is in the details, and you have to have that eye for that elusive opportunity.

Source: Lessons I’ve Learned from Three Million Downloads

Phased Releases: in iTunes Connect!

A nice new feature announced at WWDC this year was phased releases. This is the new ability to be able to gradually release your app update to users over a period of 7 days. This has long been the envy of iOS developers looking over at their Android developer colleagues. Phased releases don’t quite have the same flexibility as the Android staged-rollouts but it is certainly much better than releases to potentially millions of users simultaneously.

Source: Phased Releases in iTunes Connect

App Store Optimization: The Essential ASO Resource Kit!

The Essential App Store Optimization Resource Kit includes more than 70 links to help you stay up-to-date on app store optimization for iOS, The resource lists covers a wide range of topics, right from how to pick great screenshots, App names, app icon, screenshots & keywords to Apple search ads. This is a must-have resource for every iOS developer wanting to increase their app store sales.

Source: App Store Optimization Kit

iOS 11: App store name length now limited to 30 characters!

Apple made a big change to the length of the app names by enforcing a 50 character limit back in September of last year. With iOS 11, it looks like Apple is planning to shorten it even further to 30 characters.

Last year, Apple faced a backlash from the developer community because a shortened App name meant that there is that much less space to squeeze in keywords for App store optimizations(ASO).

But the good part is that Apple is now introducing a new subtitle field to allow developers to add that extra bit of information in addition to the App name. The Subtitle field has a character limit of 30—So overall it’s a win for developers since they will now have space for 60 characters in total compared to the current 50 character limit.


App Store: Subscription Based Pricing is not the Answer!

No sane person wants to subscribe to each app they use on their phone. This would soon start to add up, before you know it you could be spending 100s of dollars every month. Subscription fatigue is a real thing, and a lot of people are feeling it.

Yes, subscription fatigue is a thing and Apple needs to think about offering app developers more attractive options to monetize. Check out this insightful article by Dan Counsell who goes deeper into the numbers.

Source: Subscription Based Pricing is not the Answer — Dan Counsell

News: Phil Schiller on App Store Upgrade Pricing!

The reason we haven’t done it is that it’s much more complex than people know, and that’s okay, it’s our job to think about complex problems, but the App Store has reached so many successful milestones without it because the business model makes sense to customers. And the upgrade model, which I know very well from my days of running many large software programmes, is a model from the shrink-wrapped software days that for some developers is still very important, for most, it’s not really a part of the future we are going.

I think for many developers, subscription model is a better way to, go than try to come up with a list of features, and different pricing for upgrade, versus for new customers. I am not saying it doesn’t have value for some developers but for most it doesn’t, so that’s the challenge. And if you look at the App Store it would take a lot of engineering to do that and so would be at the expense of other features we can deliver.

Source: Phil Schiller interview | 9to5Mac

Apps: How to ask for feedback!

Getting feedback about your app whether good or bad is extremely important and can pave the way for future fixes/enhancements. But do we always ask for feedback the right way? Most times, we ask for feedback like this: “We value your feedback, please send us your feedback to”. Most times, the response from your users will be something irrelevant or unwanted making you reply back like this “we’re not looking to change that part”, or “yes we’ve considered that, but we decided not to go that way”. So what is the right way to ask for feedback? Read on to find out more:

Source: How to ask for feedback – Marc Köhlbrugge – Medium

Xcode: What is the value of iOS code signing?

Here is a great article by Felix Krause who argues that we don’t really need code signing(for most cases) with some really good talking points like the code signing that you add has never been used by Apple for App Store builds. He also touches upon a bigger security vulnerability in not having 2 factor authentication mandatory for accessing iTunes connect. Read on at the link below for more insights.

Source: What is the value of iOS code signing? — Felix Krause

App Store: How to make Apple Search Ads work for your App!

If you’ve developed an app for iOS, you know how much time, effort and passion goes into creating the playful, useful, and wonderful apps that people love. A quality app also requires visibility and marketing push to become widely popular. Apple introduced Search ads at WWDC 2016 and it provides a new way to increase awareness of your apps in App Store search results. Checkout the article below to find out how you can take advantage of Apple search ads to improve your app revenue.

Source: How to make Apple Search Ads work for your App – denzhadanov

App Store: Staying Competitive with App Updates

” Like changing the oil on your car, keeping your app up to date can save you a lot of pain down the road. A neglected app not only will see a sharp drop off in its user-base and positive reviews, but will also create a lot of technical debt that only becomes harder to fix as time passes ”

Read on for more insights into why keeping your app updated is a must to stay competitive

Kyle Richtor – Source: Staying Competitive with App Updates

Perfect: Mac app to assist in server-side Swift development!

Perfect is a macOS companion application providing a set of convenience tools designed to help Server Side Swift developers start, manage, compile, test, and prepare for deployment more easily. From those expanding into backend Swift development for the first time to seasoned senior engineers working on enterprise level projects, the Perfect Assistant will facilitate your work.

Source: Server-side Swift – Perfect |