Fabric: Analytics & Crash Reporting Tool!

Fabric is a platform that helps your mobile team build better apps, understand your users, and grow your business. It offers a Powerful, yet lightweight crash reporting so you can fix issues fast. Get insight into your users, what they’re doing, and inject live social content to delight them. Monitor new user sign-ups and optimize your onboarding flow.

Source: Fabric – App Development Platform for teams

Mixpanel: Product analytics for mobile, web, and beyond!

Mixpanel provides analytics services and it’s the most advanced analytics platform for mobile & web. Mixpanel differs from other Analytic services in one major way: instead of tracking page views, it tracks the actions people take in your mobile or web application. Mixpanel thinks that tracking page views isn’t a good way to measure how your business is doing. Instead, they believe that measuring engagement (what a user is doing in your app) is better because it’s more indicative of people actually using your product.

Source: Mixpanel | Product analytics for mobile, web, and beyond

StatHat: Create beautiful charts of your stats!

StatHat is a web-based service for creating beautiful charts of any custom stat. It’s a great option if you’re not currently using an analytics service but still, want some visibility into what’s happening within your app. With StatHat you can create any kind of stat you want: example: user created, number of paid users, number of messages sent from females to males, API calls, load averages, page views, number of seconds iPhone app was active, etc. Any number or event in your application/system.

Source: StatHat

Segment: Analytics API and Customer Data Platform!

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data to hundreds of tools with the flick of a switch. Segment will take care of the messy analytics installation process for you so you can spend more time using your data and less time to track it down. Segment for iOS makes it dead simple to send your data to any analytics or marketing tool without having to learn, test or implement a new API every time.

Source: Analytics API and Customer Data Platform | Segment

Localytics: Mobile App Marketing, Automation & Engagement!

Localytics is the leading mobile engagement platform. Localytics gives companies the insights and tools they need to improve their mobile app acquisition, engagement and retention efforts. Their secret sauce is in the data. They use all the data surrounding users to deliver highly targeted and personalized engagement campaigns, including push and in-app messages. Localytics platform is used in more than 37,000 apps on more than 2.7 billion devices by companies such as ESPN, Fox and The New York Times.

Source: Mobile App Marketing, Automation & Engagement | Localytics

Appsee: App Analytics!

Appsee enables mobile app publishers and developers to track, understand and improve the user experience in their apps, and act on insights delivered by their SaaS platform. Appsee is being used by thousands of customers that leverage our SaaS platform to optimize their mobile apps and advance their business. Appsee customers include companies from a wide range of industries such as travel, news, gaming and real estate.

Source: Appsee App Analytics

Flurry Analytics: Yahoo Developer Network!

The Flurry Analytics SDK provides you with the tools and resources you need to gain a deep level of understanding about your users’ behavior in your apps. Set up advanced analysis of complex events, with metrics, segments and funnels to better track your users’ habits and performance. Flurry is free and being used by 250,000 Developers in 940,000 Apps with10 Billion Sessions Daily. It’s truly the best analytics service out there.

Source: Flurry Analytics – Yahoo Developer Network