Easily lookup App Store trending keywords – Appkeywords.io!

Appkeywords.io is an online tool that can help you quickly look up App Store search results just by typing a few letters of the keyboard. It’s an excellent tool to do research on the keywords like what keywords are trending in a particular country. You can also select your favorites from the list and copy them to your clipboard as a comma separated list or download them as a csv file. The website also provides great advice on how to pick the best app keywords.

Source: Appkeywords.io

Preview Video Converter on the Mac App Store

Preview Video Converter takes the hassle out of producing videos to use as previews on the Apple AppStore.

Having a video showing off your app is a great way of improving you listing, but if you’ve ever tried to upload a video to iTunes Connect you will have found that there’s a very specific set of requirements for your masterpiece of cinematography to be accepted. Don’t waste your time searching StackOverflow for what might be causing your files to be incompatible; just use this app.

Source: Preview Video Converter on the Mac App Store

CrowdChunk: Find out what your users really think about your App!

Deep insight into what consumers really think of mobile apps. CrowdChunk scores apps by what reviewers actually have to say. They have replaced the imprecise, highly subjective star ratings and upvoting with a more objective analysis. CrowdChunk is the intersection of user sentiment and topics. Fundamentally complex, but presented in an user-friendly way, CrowdChunk’s scores are a statistically accurate depiction of what people think about an app, powered by a dynamic linguistic engine analyzing intensity, focus, purity, crispness, and other app review signals.

Source: CrowdChunk

AppLandr: Create beautiful landing pages for your mobile apps in seconds!

AppLandr allows you to generate beautifully crafted landing pages for your mobile applications, simply provide the app’s store URL and AppLandr will do the rest. AppLandr was made for developers, designers and marketers alike, to save you time when creating elegant landing pages & websites for your mobile apps. Save countless hours, money & effort while also increasing productivity. Why waste your time creating app landing pages from scratch?
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Placeit: App Store Mockup Generator!

Placeit creates instant product mockups. They offer a service that helps you create attractive product screenshots in realistic environments. You can choose from hundreds of “stages” that cover a range of different devices and settings. Then you upload your screenshot to be included in the setting and that’s it. You can also create animated GIFs to simulate workflows in your app and they have a Mac app too.

Source: (2691) Free Mockup Generator – Placeit

Appbot: App Review tool for Product, Technical and Support Teams!

Appbot helps app developers, product managers, and support teams build, market and support mobile apps that their users love, and to increase app downloads and sales as a result. AppBot does this by helping app developers to understand what their users want from the app based on the reviews they are already getting from the app store. Appbot monitors the iOS & Mac app stores globally and automatically unearths trends in their mobile app reviews.

Source: App review tools for Product, Technical and Support Teams – Appbot