Dev Tools: Introducing Paralayout – An easy to use alternative to Autolayout!

Apple has made tremendous improvements to Autolayout (Apple’s constraint-based system for specifying UI) since the last few years. While technically impressive, in practice it’s more difficult and takes longer to implement especially if you have to modify and animate the layout dynamically or if you want to performance tune the UI. Square’s Cash iOS team have embraced a different philosophy that prioritizes development speed, correctness, readability, maintainability, and performance and they call it Paralayout, a 100% Swift open source library to programmatically code layout rules.

Read on at the link below to find out more.

Source: Introducing Paralayout – Square Corner Blog – Medium

Catching Leaky View Controllers Without Instruments!

Leaking a View Controller could turn out to be a huge issue in your app due to the fact that they are pretty big! Debugging and finding a leaky view controller using Xcode instruments is one way to catch the leak but this normally happens during a release phase and needs to be repeated everytime a new release is made. Do you wish you could catch these leaks early on in the development cycle?

Now you can — Check out this fantastic library written by Arek Holko who has created an extension that you can quickly incorporate into your code and discover leaky view controllers in a snap.

Source: Catching Leaky View Controllers Without Instruments

Library: A lightweight fuzzy-search library!

Fuse is a super lightweight library which provides a simple way to do fuzzy searching. If you are not familiar with fuzzy searches, it’s a type of search that will find matches even when users misspell words or enter in only partial words for the search. If you use search in your app then you should take a deeper look into this library since it can give a big boost to the usability of your app and your users will love it.

If you use any kind of search in your app then you should take a deeper look into this library. A feature like this can provide a big boost to the usability of your app and your users will love it.

Source: GitHub – krisk/fuse-swift

Dev Tools: Dotzu – In-App iOS Debugging Tool!

Dotzu is a simple open source library that offers useful debugging information like logging, networking, crash reporting and much more right from the iOS app. Dotzu offers all this convenience to developers through an easy to use API that involves the addition of just a single line of code. It then provides you a button that floats over the top of your app giving you quick access to a boat load of debugging information. Perfect for testing your app and to analyze/ debug issues without even opening Xcode. Check out the GitHub link below to try out the library today.

Source: GitHub – remirobert/Dotzu

Dev Tools: Elegant iOS form builder in Swift

Eureka is an open source library that can be used to create dynamic forms for user input in your apps. Eureka makes it easy to set up many commonly-used user interface widgets such as text fields, date pickers, and segmented controls without any boilerplate UIKit code. The API is easy to use and is very flexible and you can even create custom components and integrate with the framework. Eureka also supports a plugin framework where other developers in the community can extend the functionality of Eureka.

Check out more info about Eureka at the link below:

Source: Eureka | Elegant iOS form builder in Swift