Startups: How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup!

Business Week published a great inspiring story about 2 brothers from rural Ireland who created a startup called ‘Stripe’ back in 2010 that now handles tens of billions of dollars in internet transactions causing their company to be valued at 9.2 billion dollars and making them the worlds youngest billionaires at the age 26 & 28.

Read on to find out more at the article linked below:

Source: How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup – Bloomberg

Startup: A Primer to Venture Capital Funding(VC)!

As an entrepreneur with a startup idea there is this unbridled excitement and ambition to make things happen, but with this excitement comes the big challenge — how to raise money for your startup idea.

If you are new to the concept of VC funding and have lingering questions like:

What is VC Funding?

What do VCs look for in companies?

When you should be raising money?

What preparation you need to make before you raise money?

Then this is the article you have been looking for. Read more at the link below.

Source: A Primer to Raising Venture Money

Apple Debut’s: Planet of the Apps!

Apple’s debut video series, Planet of the Apps, is out now and the premiere episode is available to watch online. The show has entrepreneurs (app creators) pitching at VC’s hoping to raise money for their startups, with the assistance of 4 celebrity coaches. The show is similar to Shark Tank but focussed mainly on Tech and has elements of The Voice. If you are an app developer yourself, you will find it very interesting and maybe learn a thing or two about the business of Apps.

Link to the first episode is down below:
Source: Planet of the Apps — Watch on Apple Music.

Scrum Of One: How to Bring Scrum into your One-Person Operation!

Working as a solo developer in your own company without a process can seem chaotic & daunting. If a methodology is to be adopted, which one works best for a solo developer? If you are thinking of choosing an Agile process, then how do you hold stand-ups or retrospectives with just one person? If you are thinking of choosing Extreme Programming(XP), how do you do Paired programming? These kinds of questions frequently come up in developer forums and there is no general consensus.

Check out the article below in which Alex Andrews of Ten Kettles describe how they adopted Scrum in their development and how they found out that working within a structure as a solo developer was incredibly liberating — and productive.

Source: Scrum Of One: How to Bring Scrum into your One-Person Operation

Business: Why do I fantasize about quitting my startup!

Startups are hard. It’s true. Having been involved in a startup in the last few years I’ve learned that although starting a company is fun and exhilarating, it’s also one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, especially if you want to continue the momentum year after year after launch. Here is an interesting article about a startup CEO who analyzes why he fantasizes about quitting his startup. A quote from the article:

I’m the CEO of a successful startup. We do millions in revenue and have thousands of customers. So why is daydreaming about quitting such a common pastime for me?

Source: Why do I fantasize about quitting my startup? – Getting Real

Apps: How to ask for feedback!

Getting feedback about your app whether good or bad is extremely important and can pave the way for future fixes/enhancements. But do we always ask for feedback the right way? Most times, we ask for feedback like this: “We value your feedback, please send us your feedback to”. Most times, the response from your users will be something irrelevant or unwanted making you reply back like this “we’re not looking to change that part”, or “yes we’ve considered that, but we decided not to go that way”. So what is the right way to ask for feedback? Read on to find out more:

Source: How to ask for feedback – Marc Köhlbrugge – Medium